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10 Questions We Want Answered During This Is Us Season 2

Jack's death is only the beginning of everything we're hoping to find out in Season 2.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The This Is Us Cast Preview Season 2

The wait is finally over! This Is Us returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, September 26 at 9/8c on NBC. 

We don't know how we went so many months without new episodes of This Is Us in our lives, to be honest. Last season gave us A LOT to think about when it comes to the Pearson family and their loved ones. We mean, the Season 1 finale alone had us dying to know more about Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) past, as well as Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) future.

So what does Season 2 of This Is Us have in store? We'll have to tune in to find out. But here's hoping that we get at least some of our burning questions answered this season. Be forewarned: There are some MAJOR SPOILERS ahead about Season 1.

1. How Does Jack Die?

It's the question that's been on every This Is Us fan's mind since we learned last season that Jack passed away sometime when his kids were teens. Unfortunately, other than learning the fact that Kate has felt partly responsible for her father's death since it happened, we don't know how, when, or where the Pearson patriarch passes away. 

The circumstances surrounding Jack's death are said to become clear in Season 2, and we could potentially learn even more than we initially anticipated. "We will come to find out how Jack dies," Metz told The Daily Dish at the Television Advocacy Awards in Hollywood on September 16. "But we will also celebrate how he lived his life as well. You’ll come to find out that everyone sort of has a hand in feeling guilty about how he dies."


After some major ups and downs in their relationship, Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) finally decided to get engaged in Season 1. However, there was one major caveat: Kate asked Toby to take things slow so they could get to know each other a bit more since they hadn't been dating for very long. Though Season 2 picks up just a few months after last season's finale as the Big Three turn 37, could we see Kate walk down the aisle sooner rather than later? 


Randall had an epiphany toward the end of Season 1. After finding and reconnecting with his biological father, as well as suffering an anxiety attack at work, Randall not only decided to quit his job but also that he wanted to adopt a child with wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). Expect to see Randall and Beth come at odds over the possibility of adopting another child, according to this sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere. Whether or not that means Randall and Beth's family of four will become a fierce five will remain to be seen. 


Kevin and his ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) decided to give their relationship another shot at the end of Season 2. But then a little director by the name of Ron Howard called Kevin and offered him a role in his latest movie. Kevin decided to at least take a meeting with Ron, and we know that he does go off to film a period drama with guest star Sylvester Stallone. However, we don't know what any of this means for the future of his relationship with Sophie. This also begs the question of how Kevin's family will take the news if he and Sophie do officially get back together since she had a falling out with her former friend Kate, Kevin's sister. 


The Season 1 finale brought us the biggest blowup between Jack and Rebecca we've seen yet, ending in their decision to take some time apart from one another as Jack moved out to live with his pal Miguel (Jon Huertas). It shouldn't be too long after that fight when Jack passes away, so it'll be interesting to see when, if at all, Rebecca and Jack end their separation. 


Of course, Jack and Rebecca's marital troubles, as well as his impending death, have us wondering when Rebecca and Miguel become more than just friends. In Season 1, we learned that Rebecca eventually marries Miguel, but we don't know when or how they end up getting together. Considering the fact that Miguel's relationship with some of his stepchildren wasn't the best even when they grew up and became adults, we wonder what the family dynamic was at the beginning of Rebecca's second marriage and if we'll ever get to see or hear about his biological kids, too. 


My good buddy Milo Ventimiglia who was nice enough to invite me to be on the show #thisisus #harleydavidson

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We already know the legendary actor will be playing Kevin's co-star in a war film, but will we welcome any other familiar faces to This Is Us this season? Well, we'll get to see That '70s Show star Debra Jo Rupp appear this season of This Is Us as a social worker who crosses paths with Randall and Beth, according to Entertainment Weekly. There will also be some more star power behind the scenes as Emmy winner Regina King will be directing an episode this season. Who knows who else may pop up in Season 2!


This Is Us fans really reached for some tissues when Randall's biological father William (Ron Cephas Jones) passed away after a battle with cancer in Season 1. But just because William is gone in the show's present timeline doesn't mean we've seen the last of him. Series creator Dan Fogelman has previously teased to Entertainment Weekly that we will see both more of young William (Jermel Nakia) and older William as both a ghost-like figure and in flashbacks, in a similar way to how we've seen Jack on This Is Us, moving forward. And we can't wait to spend more time with him. 


In addition to Kate's supposed future wedding, there could be a lot of life changes in store for the Pearson sister. Kate explored getting weight loss surgery, as well as kickstarting her music career, last season. We still don't know what changes Kate will incorporate in her life as she hits her 37th birthday, but we know we're going to love watching all the events unfold. 


We started to peel back the layers of who Jack was before he met Rebecca toward the end of Season 1, including his upbringing with an abusive father, his run-in with some seedy poker players, and his service during the Vietnam War. Given Jack's already-rich backstory established in Season 1, we're simply eager to learn more about him.

— Additional reporting by Carole Dixon

What else awaits us in the new season of This Is Us? Tune in to the Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, September 26 at 9/8c on NBC to find out.

Until then, Mandy Moore answers another burning question of yours —  what's it like to kiss Milo Ventimiglia —  in the video, below. Enjoy.

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