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This Week in RHOC Buzz

Fans sound off on Vicki, Tamra, Slade, Gretchen, and more from this week's episode.

It was all about Tamra and Gretchen's budding friendship, and Slade's budding stand-up career in your Real Housewives of Orange County comments this week. Members of our Wives mobile club sent us their thoughts throughout the episode, and the night's big topic seemed to be Vicki's reaction to Tamra and Gretchen's newfound niceties.

Some rallied to Vicki's defense, texting:

"It seems like Tamra tries to throw her and Gretchen's new friendship in Vicki's face."

"Vicki is spot on!"

Others sided with the new friends:

"Please...... Vicki is so jealous of Tamra and Gretchen"

"I think it's absolutely refreshing that Tamra and Gretchen are actually getting along :) They are a lot alike so they should be friends"

Though some were just hoping to broker peace:

"Why can't Vicki and all the other ladies just be happy that everyone is getting along? Y'all are adults... Have fun. Life is too short for all the fighting"

And if it wasn't the Vicki-Tamra-Gretchen friend triangle, fans were weighing in on Slade's stab at stand-up comedy. Some thought his cutting comments were long overdue:

"Slade is ready for some payback LOL"

"I'm glad Slade gave it to the Housewives, they've bagged on him for years!”

Others didn't think his act was a laughing matter:

"Slade... a comedian... now that's funny"

"Slade is such an instigator! Gretchen is trying to keep the peace!!"

And one suggested they turn the act into a family affair:

"Slade's mom should be the comic!"

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