Where Do Things Stand Between Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith These Days?

Where Do Things Stand Between Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith These Days?

Are the #SouthernCharm gents BFFs again? 

By Laura Rosenfeld

The Season 3 premiere of Southern Charm showed us that a lot had changed since the Season 2 reunion, and it seemed like Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith might not be as close as they used to be. 

Whitney explained to his mother Patricia Altschul that he hadn't seen Thomas in a while. As you may recall, the revelation of Whitney's relations with Kathryn C. Dennis and their collaboration on Thomas' political ads have put a bit of a strain on their relationship in the past. In the season premiere, Whitney also called Thomas a "helpless case" since he was about to have his second child with Kathryn and joked about the paternity of the newborn, even if Whitney maintained that he wasn't on the outs with Thomas. 

However, Thomas doesn't seem to have any hard feelings toward Whitney these days. In fact, the two went out on the town in New York the night before Thomas sat down with The Daily Dish. "You know, I'm fine with Whitney. He's a great guy. He knows people," Thomas told The Daily Dish. "So it's fun hanging out in New York City with Whitney because he has a lot of very nice connections."

With T Rav engaging our constituents...

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Thomas said he is always meeting interesting people like this when he's with Whitney. "When I'm with Whitney, I meet a diverse group of people. So, for example, we met one woman who worked for Fox News. And then we met some other ladies later that were not in the news business but were in the fashion business," he said. "So it's a wide, eclectic group of people who are very interesting from diverse backgrounds." 

When these two Southern gentlemen have that much fun together, how could Thomas stay mad at Whitney? "[Whitney is] a fun guy to go out with," Thomas said. "Regardless of his feelings toward me, when someone shows me a good time in New York City, I can only have but warm feelings for them." 

See more of Thomas' good times through the years, below. 

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