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Here's How Dr. Tiffany Moon Is Feeling After That Dramatic End to the RHOD Austin Trip

D'Andra Simmons also addressed that tense dinner conversation on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Tiffany Moon Breaks Down in Tears on the Girls' Trip

The Real Housewives of Dallas ladies' trip to Austin came to its conclusion in the March 9 episode, but it didn't have the best end for Dr. Tiffany Moon.

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Things got tense between Tiffany and Brandi Redmond during their last group dinner of the vacation. Brandi expressed that she still felt guarded around Tiffany, and she wanted to be open and honest with her new friend. Tiffany said that she didn't see things the same way and hoped that Brandi would give their friendship a chance.

After the conversation between Tiffany and Brandi ended well, Kary Brittingham suggested one last bonding moment to the group for everyone to hold hands and jump into the lake. Tiffany shared in an interview during the episode that she wasn't the biggest fan of the idea, but she would participate since it was Kary's birthday trip.

However, after Tiffany jumped in the water, she quickly exited the lake and went back into the house. "I have just reached my tipping point," Tiffany said in an interview during the episode. "From the moment my body hit the cold water, I'm like, 'Tiffany 2.0 has been here all weekend, she has tried to be a good sport, and guess what? It's still not good enough.'"

When the other Dallas Housewives went to check on Tiffany, she was emotional and said that she was tired before encouraging them to enjoy the rest of the night without her (clip above). Tiffany then opened up to D'Andra Simmons in their room. "This is the first time I've been away from my family in six months, and I'm having a lot of anxiety going into this meeting with my supervisor to ask if I could have one day off the schedule," Tiffany told D'Andra. "I'm just tired. It's just all of the things."

D'Andra said on Twitter as the episode aired that she was happy to be there to comfort Tiffany. "I’m glad that @TiffanyMoonMD can confide in me," she tweeted. "It's important for women to support each other and help each other through hard times!"

The next morning, D'Andra broke the news to Brandi, Kary, and Kameron Westcott that Tiffany had decided to head back home early by herself, which seemed to catch them off guard. They then reflected on Tiffany and Brandi's conversation at dinner the night before and how the ladies can move on from that moment.

Where's Tiffany Moon?

D'Andra shared more of her take on Tiffany and Brandi during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on March 10. 

"So I did tell Brandi I think that was highly inappropriate because it's not Tiffany's responsibility to make you feel better; it's your responsibility to dig deep and figure it out for yourself. It's not about Tiffany; it's about you. And you need to get well, and you need to feel good in your soul," D'Andra explained. "Like I said, your husband, your kids, nobody can fix it for you. You have to fix yourself. So, I didn't think it was fair to put that off on Tiffany, and I believe most of the ladies agreed with me from watching the episode."

D’Andra Simmons Reacts to Brandi Redmond & Tiffany Moon

After Tiffany returned home from the Austin trip, she told her husband, Daniel, that she felt like she was "coming up short" with the other RHOD ladies and that she felt like "the new kid" in school. Later in the episode, Tiffany apologized to Kary for her sudden exit from the getaway.

"Partially, I was embarrassed by my outburst the night before, and I was worried that if I stayed, we were gonna hash the whole thing out on the ride home on the bus, and I just wasn't ready for that. Like, I wanted to avoid it," she shared. "That's the method of conflict resolution that I know and understand. Like, put it in the closet, close the door, and just don't open the door."

When it comes to sharing her feelings, Tiffany told Kary, "I definitely need to be better about it, but it's hard."

Tiffany also had more to say about the end of the Austin trip on social media, tweeting about her exit and showing how she feels about it all today on Instagram.

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Watch a preview, below.

D'Andra Simmons to Momma Dee: "You're So Full of Sh—!"

Photo: Tiffany Moon/Instagram

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