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Todd Chrisley Has No Regrets About Going Head-to-Head with NeNe Leakes

The reality TV patriarch discusses his famous family and facing off against the #RHOA Peach on Lip Sync Battle.

By Jocelyn Vena
Todd’s Househusband Tagline

To say Todd Chrisley is a hands-on dad might be a bit of an understatement. We mean, he did micromanage his son, Chase's, recent tattoo removal. But when it comes to his family, the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch only wants, well, the best. So week in and week out on their USA reality series, viewers get to watch Daddy put in his two cents to ensure that things run smoothly in the family's lavish Atlanta home. We also recently we learned something else about Todd: That he's a tough competitor. He gave The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes a run for her money on Lip Sync Battle last month. Did we forget to mention they both appeared in drag, thus proving they'll each do just about anything to win? 

The Daily Dish got the chance to catch up with the TV dad via email, where he discussed the Chrisley clan and his enduring friendship with NeNe following their recent epic Lip Sync Battle match-up.

NeNe beat you on Lip Sync Battle, but you put up a great fight—why did you opt for the Shania Twain song?

Todd Chrisley: NeNe Leakes is amazing but I'm not sure that she [beat me], and if she's so confident then she should accept my challenge for a rematch. I choose Shania ["Man, I Feel Like a Woman"] as a screw you to the haters who think labels matter.

How would you rate her performance?

My performance was certainly a 9.5. I mean come on, I wore nipple tassels that hurt like hell when they were removed. NeNe's performance was amazing and I worship that woman, but I refuse to give her a higher score then myself, so let's just say it was a tie at 9.5.

Have you and NeNe been able to remain friends after the episode?

NeNe and I were friends before we started and certainly after she kicked my ass, I live for some NeNe and hope we are friends for life.

Loved battling with my boo @neneleakes , nothing but love and respect ..

A photo posted by Todd Chrisley (@toddchrisley) on

What’s it been like to watch your kids and family grow up on the show?

We are so blessed to have these memories of our family forever. It's both thrilling and heartbreaking at the same time.

We’ve seen Chase and Savannah go out on their own to college this season. How has adjusting to being in a semi-less crowded house been for you and your wife Julie? What’s it been like for Grayson?

It's been difficult because we miss them being at home terribly, but the flip side is that we have a sense of accomplishment that we raised good kids that are going further than we did at their age. Grayson is the baby and always will be so he's actually doing well and getting all the attention.

What’s been the highlight of this season for you so far?

It's always a highlight getting to be with your family daily, and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to work together.

What’s one moment when you wish the cameras weren’t rolling?

We have no regrets with what is on our show. To regret sharing something that's authentic would mean that we are open to betraying our fan base.

We get to see your lovely home on the show, what is your favorite item in it?

My favorite item in my home are portraits of the kids that we had made when they were small.

Congrats on the Sharknado news. What was it like to shoot that movie? How do the Chrisley’s fare in it?

Sharknado was amazing. It was so much fun watching Savannah and Grayson act in their roles and they both did so well. I'm sure it will not be shocking the lengths I go to protecting my kids. 

Summer’s coming up. What’s something the Chrisleys HAVE to do in the summer for it to really feel like the season?

We have to hang out on the beach in The Caymans... it's a must.

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