The Toms from Vanderpump Rules Are Here to Help Your Hangover

The Toms from Vanderpump Rules Are Here to Help Your Hangover

Is your head pounding? Don't fret — these SURvers know a thing or two about the morning after.

Sandoval and Schwartz Reveal Their Ultimate Hangover Cures

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the pain of a hangover. Sometimes folks dine on greasy food. Others make sure they re-hydrate their body with plenty of water. But few crews are as knowledgeable about dealing with a hangover more than the Vanderpump Rules pals.

As any loyal viewer knows, this group is skilled in the art of the party. So when we recently caught up with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, they shared their pro tips on how to feel better fast the day after you party a little too hard.

"My go-to hangover is I would say fresh coconut water like out of a coconut," Sandoval advised. "And then definitely Midol complete. Midol complete is the best hangover cure in the world. It's the best."

Schwartz had a more unique way to deal with the issue. "It's hard to come by but the blood of a virgin, a freshly sacrificed virgin. Really helps," he joked, before revealing his real method. "Take a nice cold shower, not like too cold. Coconut water, ibuprofen. Pizza."

Sounds tasty to us!

Check out some more post-party cures from some other Bravo stars, below.

Bravolebs Share Their Foolproof Hangover Cures
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