Tom Schwartz Regrets Being So "Flaky" During that Sangria Pitch with Lisa Vanderpump

Tom Schwartz Regrets Being So "Flaky" During that Sangria Pitch with Lisa Vanderpump

The SURver opens up about flubbing the deal with the #PumpRules boss.

By Jocelyn Vena

The next time Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval consider going into business with Lisa Vanderpump, they might want to replay the events that surrounded their meeting for LVP sangria. As evidenced in the clip above, the Vanderpump Rules SURvers fumbled through their pitch to work as "brand ambassadors" for the alcohol brand. The meeting came weeks after they initially approached SUR's Queen Bee about the chance to work together outside the restaurant. But as Schwartz put it in his blog this week, he felt that he was "overconfident, underprepared" for the chat with Lisa, Pandora, and Jason. 

Prior to that, Schwartz explained to The Daily Dish that he considers it one of the moments this season he wished hadn't been caught on camera. "Probably when I put so much time effort and thought into working with Lisa in one of products and then right when we were about to start, I was like, 'Eh, I don't think this is right for me.' It was pretty flaky, not my proudest moment, " he said.

But don't expect Lisa to let them off the hook that easily. She offered her take on that disastrous meeting when she stopped by the After Show this week. "It was actually worse than that; we made you look good," Lisa shared, with her wannabe brand ambassadors by her side. "They didn't say anything. They came to the second meeting without a plan again." 

So what should Tom and Tom do in the future, should they ever find themselves having to pitch an idea again? "Even of you don't like the plan, at least have something. Come in with something, bring it to the table [and] don't just sit there like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee," Lisa said. Words to live by.

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