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'Top Chef Just Desserts': What They're Saying

Did critics want another helping of last night's finale?

By Rachel Stein

Yes, the judges anointed Yigit Pura the first ever winner of Top Chef Just Desserts last night, but who really won the night? What did critics, viewers, and other Bravolebrities think about the finale. Here's a look at what they're saying (the good, the bad, and the fabulous):

The Critics

"This was a great finale with twists and turns and a lot less drama than expected..."
Alaina O'Connor, TV Squad

"So, huzzah, first season of Top Chef (Just Desserts) you showed us that pastry chefs can bring the crazy HARD and their inferiority complex comes out in the darndest ways..."
LuLuBates, TWoP recapper

"The whole season of Just Desserts has been a giant, extended high school flashback. Especially if you were at all involved in drama club. There was the jock (Morgan). The showtunes spaz (Zac). The cynical, almost-goth chick (Danielle). The straight-A perfectionist (Heather H.). The boy next door (Yigit). The basket case (Seth, how we missed you). And given that three diametrically opposed personalities ended up in the finale -- Yigit, Danielle and Morgan -- we can't help but think the producers played into those adolescent stereotypes, just a little. Also like high school, Just Desserts has been a big dose of euphoria punctuated by intermittent bursts of depression. If they kept it on the air any longer, they'd need a guidance counselor..."
Michael Thomas Hastings, Slashfood

"Episode 10 of Top Chef: Just Desserts was the finale, and a lackluster one it was at that. Adding insult to injury, the hometown guy, Morgan Wilson, pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, did not win, with the prize instead going to the most whiny contestant of all..."
Teresa Gubbins and Shannon Sutlief, PegNews

The Bravolevbrities

"Part of the challenge was that the menu needed to make sense – not only as individual courses, but as a progressive serving menu. Yigit did just that. Not only did he obey the challenge, but he went above and beyond in terms of creativity, finesse, technique – everything came together, it was beautiful..."
Gail Simmons, via NY Post

"not sure who the BEST chef is but yigit is the cutest for sure"
Isaac Mizrahi, via Twitter

"Sorry, he may come off as a DB but Morgan was consistently better!!"
Rich Amons, via Twitter

The Viewers

"That was an excellent finale. Minimum drama and 3 chefs who really did an excellent job. Between the phone call o' doom home and his souffles falling, I knew Morgan wasn't going to win. Still looking at the dishes the chefs put out, I would have been happy with any of them winning..."
Puds38, TWOP

"I enjoyed seeing all the dishes and the different approaches, but would have enjoyed the show a lot more if they had left out half the drama. I really did not need to see Heather H. again. I do give her credit for trying to help with the souffles but I didn't need to hear her saying that she really didn't want to see Morgan win. I heard and saw enough of her bitterness in the regular season..."
carmelized, TWOP

"Morgan needs lessons in the tact department to be sure, but he's at least direct rather than subversive. I wish he would have won. It was a great finale (other than Morgan not winning). Danielle is a walking cartoon character, but there's a home for her food and the judges seem to like her flavors a great deal..."
Jextella, TWOP

"So, one can win, win, and win, and then lose? No, Morgan's desserts didn't falter so much as Morgan's personality did. As soon as they showed him calling Zac a 'fairy,' one had to know Morgan was toast. I have to wonder, though, at Heather H.'s help in suggesting 4 of the souffles for the judges, when later three of them had flopped (aren't souffles served in their ramekins anyway?)..."
LennieB, TWOP

"I wish they wouldn't bring the past contestants in to help. I want the final challenge to be totally about the food and the competing chefs. I'd rather have the final chefs be able to choose their assistant, maybe someone they work with. I know it wouldn't be as much drama, but at this point I'd rather have it be totally about the food and the chefs' abilities, not another twist..."
caci66, TWOP

"GO YIGIT! I called it from the start. That boy had tenacity, passion, dedication and WAS A CLASS ACT! He was most consistent tonight bringing his vibrant flair and technique and doing so in a not so ambitious, very realistic and professional manner. SO HAPPY FOR HIS WIN! He may just be one of my favorite Top Chef winners..."
IonMusic, TWOP

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