Vanderpump Rules as a '90s Sitcom Is All That and a Bag of Chips

Vanderpump Rules as a '90s Sitcom Is All That and a Bag of Chips

The #PumpRules crew's shenanigans are even crazier with a laugh track.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Oh, those Vanderpump Rules kids. They're always getting into the wackiest of situations, aren't they? You know, the usual shenanigans of mixing up Gandhi and Nostradamus, dishing on sexting rumors, and popping bottles on the daily. 

Suffice it to say that Vanderpump Rules is laughter- and ooh-and-ah-inducing. So if it were a sitcom way back in that glorious of time period of the '90s, we're absolutely sure that it would be the funniest, most entertaining, and most over-the-top one ever. And let's not forget about all that hair happening on that screen (we're looking at you, Tom Sandoval).

And because the thought of Vanderpump Rules as a '90s TV comedy is just too awesome to not experience IRL, we've taken the liberty of reimagining the SURvers as sitcom characters, laugh track and all, starring Lisa Vanderpump as the "Boss," natch. You're welcome, America. 

Now if only Vanderpump Rules the sitcom could be on TV in syndication at all hours of the day, that would be a real dream come true. 

Prepare to laugh at the clip above, and then check out the video below for some more Vanderfun.

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