Vikki Ziegler's Pre-Marriage Checklist

Vikki Ziegler's Pre-Marriage Checklist

Before you get hitched, the 'Untying the Knot' star has some advice.

By Nicole James

Divorce mediator Vikki Ziegler knows a thing or two about getting married...or rather, getting un-married. All season on Untying the Knot, Vikki helped divorcing couples amicably split their assets and walk away with all of their fingers and toes intact. 

When Vikki recently stopped by Bravo, we asked her about how to avoid splitting assets at all. What should couples know before they even walk down the aisle so they can avoid the big D altogether? She shares some very helpful tips.

Honesty and trust are obviously huge factors when it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone, but finances are also a key issue—money is the number one reason why people divorce. "It's not just who wants to save, are you a spender...How do you feel about money? Where do you see yourself in five years? Your roles and expectations...People don't talk about these things and it's crazy to me!"

Vikki also suggests trying your best to keep the flame alive. "Get rid of your phone and do things together. Talk!" And no, texting doesn't count!


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