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Visit the Wizardly World of Harry Potter

Get the deets on the newest Universal Studios attraction.


Ever wonder what it's like to fly on a Hippogriff? Wish you could try a swig of Butterbeer? Well you're in luck, because this week is the opening of Universal Studios' new exhibit, the Wizardly World of Harry Potter.

Take a stroll and shop at the stores of Hogsmeade. Learn to pull pranks like George and Fred Weasley at Zonkos, visit Honeydukes to sample some of Harry's favorite candies (Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans anyone?!), and see which wand chooses you at Ollivanders. Grab a bite at Three Broomsticks tavern, and mail us an official Owl Post Harry Potter postcard.

Don't miss your chance to visit Hogwarts Castle, where you can get a glimpse inside Dumbledore's office, visit the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom (and hopefully pick up a new spell or two), check out Room of Requirements, and hang out in the Hogwarts Common Room (complete with a ceiling made of floating candles!)

But the one Harry Potter attraction you absolutely cannot miss is the Dragon Challenge - a high-flying roller coaster with your choice of different routes to ride! And before you leave the wizardly world, don't forget to stop inside Dervish and Banges to stock up on magical souvenirs.

We couldn't be more excited about the opening of the Wizardly World of Harry Potter - our wands are at the ready and we've been practicing the Patronus charm all week! Let's just hope He Who Shall Not Be Named doesn't show up... .

For the "muggles" out there who have no idea what they just read: Universal Studios has just opened the highly anticipated Wizardly World of Harry Potter, sure to be a huge hit for the number one wizard (nerd) in your life!

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