Vote in the Tubey Awards!

Vote in the Tubey Awards!

Best Performance by an Inanimate Object, Most Painful Series Cancellation, and more!

The Tubey Awards are back to celebrate good TV (and TV so bad that it's good!) for the 2008-2009 television season. Fans can vote for 80 categories online, including "Best Villain" (Kenley from Runway, obviously) "Best Performance By An Inanimate Object" (where's Cop Without A Badge??), and "Most Undeserved Emmy Awarded in September 2008" (cough up your reality host Emmy back, Jeff Probst.)

Click here to vote in the Tubey Awards!

Oh, and if you were having doubts about Kenley for Best Villain, do watch the clip below, in which "the girl who annoys the hell outta most people" gets pissy with Nina and Michael and Heidi and...everyone. She's mad mad mad at ev-ver-ee-one! WAH!

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