What Did Danielle Do?

What Did Danielle Do?

Dina responds to Real Housewives of NJ Reunion speculation.

During perhaps the most captivating and perplexing moment of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Caroline totally lost it on Danielle. "What you did is SO disgraceful...and you know what you did," sobbed Caroline. "And you can sit there and you can make-believe that you are just so forgiving...I am NOT BUYING IT...I love my family and I will protect them with everything that I have. But what you did...you are garbage. And you are disgraceful." Danielle looked particularly unmoved by the monologue, Andy made a nervous quip, Teresa giggled, and then...roll credits. The Reunion was over. "But wait," screamed fans at their TVs. "What exactly DID Danielle DO?"

Dina has issued a statement regarding Danielle's mysterious betrayal. "There is a lot of misinformation out there right now, all of which is far from the truth. The reality is that nothing became of this. This is a private matter that will never be discussed, and I ask that you respect that and help me move on."

So, you may think you know what Danielle did, but, apparently ya don't. What you've heard? Lies, y'all. The reality? We may never know if Danielle is a cheatin', schemin' lyin'  kidnappin' coke dealin' family ruiner. But we can still speculate. So fan, speculate away. What did Danielle do?

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