What Is NeNe Leakes' Biggest Regret?

What Is NeNe Leakes' Biggest Regret?

After all the shade and oh so many wigs, the #RHOA star reveals what she would take back if she could. 

By Jordan Upmalis

During NeNe Leakes’ time on Real Housewives of Atlanta we witnessed the ATL OG experience her fair share of ups and downs. And even though she’s been quite candid throughout the years, there's one thing she would take back: looking into the identity of her biological father.

In Season 1, NeNe was told that the man she considered her biological father, Curtis, was in fact not her dad. She began a quest to find her biological father, with paternity tests revealing there was a zero percent chance that man was Curtis. 

NeNe sat down with Andy to celebrate 100 episodes of #RHOA and discussed what her relationship with Curtis is like these days. ”I still consider him my dad,” she explained. “I don’t think he considers me his daughter anymore, because that guy was my dad’s friend. And he revealed in a clip that he had slept with my mom and that was really hurtful to my dad. My dad never got over that.”

Initiating the search is something NeNe wishes she could take back. “I regret ever going on that search, because that really hurt my dad,” she continued. “To this day, our relationship has never been the same. Once he heard about that he never had a relationship with me or my children ever again.”

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