Which RHMIA Lady Is This?

Which RHMIA Lady Is This?

Hint: She's no Victorian lady.

By Kim Moreau

Admit it: When The Real Housewives of Miami started one woman instantly sailed to the center of your heart. This gal's comical candor, salacious good looks, and special psychic powers where irresistible.

After hearing her discuss her glamorous outfits and self-admitted ability to wear clothes well, we needed to see more pictures of the witchy woman. So we went straight to our sources.

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We're talking about Elsa Patton, mother of Marysol.

And boy are we glad we asked!

Marysol sent over this exclusive batch of personal photographs of her mom in her younger days, with this adorable note, "I cant tell you how many men use to hit on my mom when I was a little girl and we were out together. She was outrageously exotic."

We agree Marysol. What a fox!

Peruse the photos and let us know what you think in our Tweet Tracker.

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