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Who Are the Dancing Queens Children? A Guide To The Casts’ Family Lives

When they aren't twirling on the ballroom floor, many of the Dancing Queens women are just regular moms, juggling family life with their dancing dreams.

By Jill Sederstrom

There’s no question that when the women of Dancing Queens step into the ballroom, they are all business, but when the dance shoes come off, many cast members resume regular mom life.

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The glimpse into their everyday home life as the women juggle children, pets, and work is almost as compelling as their battles on the dance floor while they’re decked out in glitzy gowns and on the arms of their handsome professional dance partners.

Despite the vastly different worlds, the women seem to handle their dual roles with ease — at least, most of the time. 

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So, just who are the children of the Dancing Queens cast?

Who Is Leonie Biggs' Child?

Dancing Queens Season 1 Leonie

Financial analyst Leonie Biggs and her husband, Nigel, are the parents to 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, a mini-version of her mom who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

“Charlotte has some very, very, very, very good traits. They are all her dad and then all the sh-tty bits that every kid has, that’s on me,” Leonie explained on the show. “It’s kind of like Dr. Evil and Mini-me.”

A self-described perfectionist, Leonie said she grew up with parents who weren’t satisfied with her being anything less than the best. While raising her own daughter, Leonie is determined to be a different kind of parent to Charlotte.

“My mothering style is so f-cking different,” she said. “There are mistakes that you can make as a mother that are irreversible and can affect that child for the rest of their life and I don’t want to be that mum.” 

Her ability to praise her daughter for her effort rather than perfection was on full display at the family’s Haworth, New Jersey home during the show as the mother and daughter duo decorated a delicious dessert together. 

When Charlotte accidentally pushed a strawberry too deep into the dessert, Leonie was quick to let her know the mistake was nothing to worry about.

“When it comes down to perfectionism, it’s my nature if I screw something up to go, "All right let’s redo it.' I’m getting much better at saying keep it moving because I don’t want Charlotte to be as compulsive as I can be,” she said.

She later told Nigel that it was just “really important” that Charlotte “fundamentally understands she doesn't have to be perfect.”

“I just want her to try her best and that’s the win for me,” she said.

Who Is Sabrina Strasser's Children?

Sabrina and Ronnie Strasser at an event

Sabrina Strasser strives to be “the perfect mom and wife,” but balancing her ambitions at home with her hopes for her own ballroom dance career have admittedly been a struggle. 

Sabrina and her husband, Ronnie, who’s 17 years her senior, share 12-year-old daughter Abigail and 10-year-old daughter Chloe. 

While at their Toronto, Canada home, Sabrina is a hands-on mom, helping her daughters with homework, cooking, cleaning, and shuttling them from one activity to the next whether it’s Abigail’s dance lesson or Chloe’s gymnastics. 

But Sabrina’s busy dance life means that sometimes she’s had to miss important family events, a struggle often captured in Dancing Queens

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First, Sabrina chose to compete out of town during Passover, missing the Jewish holiday with her family, then later opted to go to her own competition rather than attend her daughter’s gymnastics competition. 

“It’s a very tough decision to miss Chloe’s gymnastics meet but sometimes you have to do what’s good for you in order to be a better mother to them,” she explained. 

Sabrina sat her daughter down to deliver the news before she left for the Atlanta ballroom competition. 

“I just don’t want you to be upset,” she told her daughter. 

“I’m not like the happiest daughter in the world, but, like it’s fine,” Chloe replied. 

Even with her daughter’s mature take on the scheduling conflict, Sabrina struggled to stay focused in rehearsals leading up to the competition and continued to question her decision.

“I feel so sad that I’m not going to be there,” she told her professional partner Stanislav Kochergin.

Who Is Colette Marotto's Son?

Colette Marotto Dancing Queens Press image

The life of any single mom isn’t easy, but it's particularly challenging for a single parent of a special needs son

Colette Marotto knows that first hand as the parent to her 18-year-old son Kelvin, who has the “very rare” chromosomal disorder Tatton-Brown-Rahman Syndrome. Most people who have the overgrowth syndrome, including Kelvin, also have autism spectrum disorder.

“Learning to accept Kelvin the way he is was very important. That settled us into a relationship of only love,” she said. “He isn’t going to be the one that I get to babysit his child, but those were my dreams. So, I had to let those all go a long time ago.”

Colette is now solely focused on what her incredible relationship with her son has brought to her life.

“But he’s funny. And he’s laid-back. And he’s all these wonderful things,” she said. “Kelvin is the light of my life.”

As he grows, Colette, who runs her own healthcare business that provides therapy and caregiving services to people with developmental disabilities, is now focusing on trying to increase his independence so he can go live in an assisted living facility and transition into adulthood like his peers.

“Nobody will take care of him the way I can, but he needs to have a life outside of his mother,” she said.

Who Are Pooja Mehta's Children?

Dancing Queens Season 1 Pooja

Pooja Mehta has her hands full this season as a newbie to the Latin dance category and the successful owner of Makiaj Beauty, but the Arizona resident is also a dedicated mom to two sons.

Pooja and her husband Shimon share sons Yoav, 6, and Idan, 2, and have created a multicultural home that doesn’t fit into any preconceived mold. 

“Shimon is Jewish and I come from the Hindu culture,” she explained on the show. “There was a slight expectation for me to marry somebody in Hindu, but I like to do things my way and if anybody tells me to do it a certain way, I just push back and I like that about myself.”

Growing up in a family where both her parents and two sisters became doctors, Pooja — a makeup artist — believes in the importance of paving your own path, a trait she’s sure to pass onto her two sons.

“My parents, they wanted something more. They wanted me to be in something that was like, well-respected, but my way of excelling is very different than doing surgery or listening to people’s problems. I found success in a career that I’m more passionate about,” she said.

Who Are Gaëlle Benchetrit's Children?

Gaelle Benchetrit of Dancing Queens.

Dancing Queens viewers have yet to get a real glimpse into Gaëlle Benchetrit’s home life, but the New Yorker is also a doting mom. According to her Instagram page, she’s the mom of three.

When she isn’t on the dance floor with her professional partner, Nino Langella, the Parisian businesswoman is often busy working at her French-inspired luxury medical spa, Clinique des Champs Elysées.

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