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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Yes, Jackie Goldschneider Is Still “Smitten” with Husband Evan

The Real Housewives of New Jersey mom gets real about her longtime marriage.

By Jocelyn Vena
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The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jackie Goldschenider’s husband, Evan Goldschenider, is still the one and these two are still very much hot for one another (more on that, above). In fact, just because these two are busy with careers and raising two(!!) sets of twins(!!), doesn’t mean that they don’t still “get butterflies” around one another.

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The Daily Dish spoke to Jackie about her marriage and what she hopes her kids learn from her dynamic with her longtime love since, as she shared, "Evan and I work really hard to make sure that our kids see a very healthy relationship." 

What is the best piece of love advice you’ve ever received and who did you get that advice from?

Jackie Goldschneider: Oh my goodness! That’s a hard one. I think that Valentine’s Day should definitely not be the only day that you show your partner that you love them. I don’t know that I’ve ever received Valentine’s Day advice. Love advice in general, I don’t know who told it to me — I don’t think it was my parents though. But, it’s true that you really do have to love yourself if you’re going to be able to love another person fully. I think that’s probably the best love advice, to treat yourself with love also. Don’t forget yourself.

What are you hoping your children take away form your marriage? The kinds of things you want them to see and take away from your relationship?

JG: Evan and I work really hard to make sure that our kids see a very healthy relationship. I hope that they take away that you deserve to be with somebody that loves and respects you. But also, that even if you do love your partner so much, you’re still entitled to your own time. So, my kids see me go out with my girlfriends, they see me do girls’ weekends, they see me have my own life, and then they see me have a lot of special alone time with Evan and with them. So, I think that if anything, I’d love my kids to see that life is a balance and love is a balance.

What would you say you love most about your husband?

JG: Oh, he’s so supportive. He really is the best! He’s like, always there when you need him. There’s never a time where I’ve called Evan — we could even be in a big fight — and if I call him and I need him, he’ll drop everything. He’s really always there for me, no matter what.

What do you think he loves most about you?

JG: I think he knows that I have his back 100 [percent]. I think when you’re fully able to trust somebody, that’s invaluable. So, I think that he loves that he can trust me 100 [percent]. I think he also loves that I’m a really good mom to his kids because there’s nothing more important to you as a parent than your children. I think we love a lot of things about each other. I think maybe the way I am as a mom. I take care of everyone, as a wife, as a mom. I take care of everyone. I’m not the best cook, but I take care of everyone.

Hey, there’s always take-out. So, what was your favorite Valentine’s Day ever?

JG: I think my favorite Valentine’s Day ever was my first one with Evan because we started dating in December, so it was only two months into our relationship. We had like, the week before decided that we were going to be committed to each other, we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. We had that conversation. So, it was our first Valentine’s [Day] together and I was nervous, excited, and I just loved him so much, but we hadn’t said “I love you” yet. So, I remember just being so excited and having butterflies in my stomach during that whole meal. I’m not sure I ate the meal, but I was at the meal and I had butterflies in my stomach. I might not have had food in my stomach, but I had butterflies.

Did you ever have a really bad Valentine’s Day?

JG: I mean, there were some Valentine’s Days in the middle of the week and the kids had basketball practice all night, so it’s like, I don’t do anything. But we’ll celebrate a few days later. He’ll take me to dinner. I never really had a bad one, but I’ve had some Valentine’s Days that were a regular old Tuesday, you know?

How long after that did you guys say you love each other?

JG: I don’t know… It was pretty soon after that, but I knew I loved him at that meal.

Did you feel that he felt the same way?

JG: Absolutely, yeah. To use a grandma term, we were “smitten.” I’m still — I’m so lucky because I really am still so in love with my husband. Every day, I get butterflies. I really do.

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