Why Does Kim Zolciak Use A Waist Trainer? Find Out!

Why Does Kim Zolciak Use A Waist Trainer? Find Out!

The #DontBeTardy star opens up about her fit figure -- see what she had to say!

By Jocelyn Vena

Listen up! Kim Zolciak, who has been documenting her use of waist trainers on social media, had a special message for anyone who thinks she might be photoshopping her selfies and posting them to Instagram.

The Don't Be Tardy star headed to Instagram, naturally, to post a video of herself—in her waist trainer—just to show everyone that what you see on her Instagram is truly what you get in real life.

"Sooooo I made a video since most of you think I photoshop my pics!" she wrote on Monday. "I don't cause I don't need to!"

From there, Kim went on to explain how the waist trainer has been helping her look even better than she normally does. "I love my @nowaistclique I have horrible posture (carrying the twins did me in) and it really helps that too at least for me," she added. "I recommend the waist trainer because it works so well for me and I like to share with you guys what products I love since there are so many out there! Baha @gloria.coan in the background my fabulous asst #NowWhatchaGonnaSay #IAdoreMyRealFans.

The mother of six, who gave birth to her twins Kaia and Kane in November 2013, first posted about her using the highly-popular beauty trend (which basically acts as a corset) earlier this spring. And by all accounts, it's working. Kim added she shed four inches off her waist.

In addition to flaunting her body, Kim also hasn't been shy about shutting down her haters on social media. "Haters this is for you!" she wrote on Instagram back in May. "If I don't like something in my life I fix it! Where there's a WILL there is a WAY! Figure it out! In the mean time hit the unfollow button because I don't like negativity and blocking you guys all day I don't have time for ... Cause I'm working, sucking my husbands face, tickling my babies, laughing with my girls or shopping online. #MyHubbySaidDontPost #HeIsSoSweet #IDontLikeMyGirlsSeeingYourBS."

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