Will Lance Bass *Finally* Become an Astronaut?

Will Lance Bass *Finally* Become an Astronaut?

The singer/TV host still has dreams of being a space cowboy.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Is Lance Still Going to Space?

Around the time *NSYNC danced their last routine, Lance Bass set his sights on something else: outer space. The former boy bander had dreams of traveling the universe during the early part of the millennium, but when funding fell through in 2002, so did his ability to explore the depths of the galaxy. However, Lance noted on Watch What Happens Live on Monday that he still knows people in the space community, and that it's still something that could happen for him someday.

"Actually, yes. I’m very connected with the space community still, private and NASA, and yes I still plan to go," he shared, before revealing that while his feet are currently planted on Earth, parts of him are floating amongst the stars.

"Well, my clothes and experiments are up on ISS right now. I just didn’t make it. Yeah, because I had experiments to do but they’re all up there. Just not me," he said. "I was doing blood work and environmental studies at the Delta. Yeah. I wasn’t going to just float around. I was doing some real work up there."

Get more scoop from Lance during his WWHL appearance, below.

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