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The Daily Dish Winter House

Kory Keefer’s Family Showed Up to Winter House and They Had *Thoughts* About the Sam Situation

Find out how Kory reacted when his dad asked why he was "scared" to define his relationship.

By Shannon Raphael

Winter House may be all about fun, flirting, and hitting the slopes, but the Steamboat Springs trip became a family affair for Kory Keefer on Season 3, Episode 7. 

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The North Carolina-based gym owner welcomed the arrival of his parents, Brian "Chief" Keefer and Tracy Keefer for a brief visit to the Colorado town. Though Kory was excited to see his mom and dad for an afternoon of skiing, his parents soon began asking questions about his situationship with Summer House cast member Samantha "Sam" Feher.

Find out how Kory responded by scrolling below.

Kory Keefer's Parents Ask Him About Samantha Feher

As Kory explained on the episode, his parents were in the Winter House area because his dad is a pilot.

"My dad's a pilot, he travels around and he had a whole stop in Denver and was like, 'Hey, would you care if I just popped in?'" Kory said to the rest of the crew during a group dinner on the episode. "So my mom and dad are gonna come in. And, also, I invited Sam, so she's gonna be coming out after them."

Once Kory's parents arrived, his dad asked if had been "talking to any girls."

"No, I'm keeping it very PG. I've been a very good boy," Kory said, and Brian wondered if it was "because of Sam or because [he's] grown up in the past year."

"I think both," Kory said, and Brian asked if the gym owner was planning on making things "official" with her any time soon.

"No, I'm not making it official this trip," Kory said, and Brian wondered if it was because he was scared of commitment. "No, I think it's scared of my business failing because, right now, I'm career first."

Kory noted in another interview that he doesn't like to follow any sort of rulebook. 

"I don't like doing what other people tell me to do..." Kory said. "I don't want my dad putting pressure or people in the house putting pressure. I do my own sh-t so f-ck everyone else!"

Before his parents left, Kory promised them that he would keep them in the loop if he did decide to ask Sam to be his girlfriend.

"When I make it official with her, you'll be the first to know," Kory told his family before they departed from the mountain. 

Kory Keefer and Sam Feher on the red capet for Bravocon 2023.

Where Kory Keefer and Samantha Feher Stand Today

Though Kory wasn't feeling fully ready to ask Sam to be exclusive when he was talking to his parents, he soon did (spoiler alert).

During an appearance on the Side Piece podcast, Kory confirmed that he asked Sam to be his girlfriend in March 2023. 

"I have f--kboy tendencies," he said about his behavior in Season 3. "I'm very flirty, I like to dance with girls. But I've never hooked up with more than one girl on a show, ever."

Sam and Kory are still together today.

"Sam, my beautiful girlfriend, we are together," Kory said during a panel at BravoCon 2023 in early November. 

"I didn't know how to talk about my feelings," he added about why he didn't define his relationship with Sam before he left for Colorado. "And, you know, I'm growing through this, so it's a growth period. So, would I have said things differently? Yes, and made it a little more apparent."

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