Would Brandi Glanville Take Eddie Cibrian Back?

Would Brandi Glanville Take Eddie Cibrian Back?

According to Brandi, he's a 9 in bed ...

By Mike Hess

You can bet the ranch that when Brandi Glanville is on Watch What Happens Live, she'll be game to answer pretty much anything, including something paraphrased along the lines of: Say your ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, who publicly cheated on you,  apologized and begged to get back together with you -- would you? If you think Brandi would jump at the opportunity, well, you clearly don't know the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills firestarter.

"I just would say no," Brandy begins after Andy Cohen gently asked the question from a fan. She continued, explaining: "at this point, I care about him as the father of my children, but honestly even if we're in the same room, he makes my skin crawl. I've lost my respect for someone, and once you lose your respect, you can't really go back."

It wasn't all insults for Eddie, though. Brandi said one of the reasons she was so attracted to him is because "he's a very attractive man. I like the hottest guy in the room always." Still, given the circumstances of everything that happened, B "can honestly say there's zero attraction" post-infidelity.

Oh, and just in case you needed to know, Eddie was a 9 in bed -- but the damage done by his affair(s) and subsequent fling with LeAnn Rimes was just too much to ever correct. Speaking of LeAnn ...

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