Would Jeff and Blair Make Good Dads?

Would Jeff and Blair Make Good Dads?

Watch the 'Newlyweds' couple play a few rounds of "Now What?"...Parenting Edition!

By Nicki Gostin

Jeff Pedersen and Blair Late from Newlyweds The First Year dropped by Bravo HQ yesterday and took a few moments to play a little quiz that's designed to test their potential parenting skills.

And we have to hand it to them: we think they'd make pretty good parents to their future daughter Claiborne.

How would they handle a colicky child? "Put whiskey on her gums, put a pacifier back in and sing her a love song maybe by Whitney Houston." What about when a bully puts bubblegum in their little girl's hair? "Go to Tabatha and get her a fabulous new haircut!" And how about dealing with heartbreak? "We get on a jet, and we go to new york city and have a fabulous weekend and stay at the newly renovated Plaza."

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Overall, Jeff and Blair seem like they'd be totally open and honest parents...just watch their answer to potentially getting discovered having, er, private time together. And tell us...do you think they'd make good parents?

Jeff and Blair Play "Now What?"

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