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The Daily Dish Your Husband Is Cheating On Us

Here Are All the Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Your Husband Is Cheating On Us

From Real Housewives-level drama to connections with A-listers, Bravo's new series has it all.


By Jocelyn Vena
Here's a Sneak Peek at Your Husband Is Cheating On Us

All you really need do is check out the trailer for Your Husband Is Cheating On Us to know that this series brings it. Press play on the video above to find out what we're talking about. As you can see, it's chock full of drama, shade, antics, and Ginuwine. Yes, that Ginuwine. The series revolves around producer and director JD Lawrence and his cast of characters as he sets out to stage his new production, the aptly titled play Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, based on his song of the same name. Oh, yeah, they all must also live together at a townhouse in NYC to make sure it all goes down without a hitch.

"For me, it's [that] I'm really opening up — there's never been a show like this, ever," he told The Daily Dish of pulling back the curtain, so to speak, on the urban theater scene. "No one has ever taken urban theater to the forefront where you're actually a getting backstage pass to see how this whole genre is done. Being the trailblazer, I think would be the right word to use, I'm super excited about that."

1. We Are Ginuwine-ly Excited For This Casting

The play marks the "Pony" singer's first time in a starring role. JD explained, "I think it made him more nervous than it did me. I'm very confident in what I do as a director. And I kind of work from people's weaknesses. I don't work from their strengths and which was very comforting that when Ginuwine came in, the first thing he said was, 'I don't want to sing my hit songs. I just want to act,' and I was like, 'Yes!'"

2. Like, Who is JD?

He explains, "JD Lawrence is a multi hyphenate. I'm the man of many faces. I do all kinds of characters. I love theater. The thing that I like as much is just breathing life into words. And as I go on this journey, I think people will kind of get to see my funny side, " he told us about himself. "[I'm a] writer, director, performer, good grief, singer. There's a lot of aspects, a lot of different hats that I wear. And, of course, being a dad."

3. Oh, There's Dra-ma!

D'atra and Lia Have Quite the Saga

As you can see from the clip above, there is no shortage of turmoil for this cast. But, JD notes this scene is full of people who know how to bring the drama. "For the most part, urban theater has some big personalities and I'm so used to dealing with that. But they can be a handful at times... and then you put my family together with actors, cause you know the girls [my daughters] are a big job to handle, and then you got these two worlds coming together -- it gets a little nuts." 

So, are those personalities as big as the Real Housewives' personalities? "I think the people that you're gonna see on this show [are a little crazier]. Because they have no ceiling. Its just whatever comes out is going to come out ... When you have actors, as opposed to Housewives, these guys, that's their lives to compete, to be better. So you have all of this bitter [stuff]. You have old baby mama drama; that's gonna be going on. And then you have people [who are like] 'She's the lead actress, but I should be the lead actress.' That's pretty much some of the issues that you're going to be dealing with."

4. That Tyler Perry Connection

Tyler Perry on Working with Kim Kardashian

In addition to Tyler Perry's own origins in theater, several of the actors have also worked with the writer/director/actor on some his past productions. "When it comes to Tyler getting the word out [about this scene], I don't know 'cause I'm not in his camp. I don't know him like that ... I do know in terms of inspiring people, he's done a hell of a lot in terms of inspiring other writers and directors and producers. I think that he has done a lot for the genre in that sense in terms of just being who he is. I have nothing but respect for him and for his work. I think that our work is a little bit different in terms of how we put on shows and perform, but at the end of the we both still do, or he did, urban theater."

5. So, What *Really* Inspired JD to Make This Play?

The play is based on the track, which he released several years ago. Still, some of the cast thinks the plot might be based on their own real life experiences. "So, about a year ago, I decided to write a theatrical piece to the song. And this happens in all of my shows: Me and Mrs. Jones, The Clean Up Woman. You know, Jackée thought that she was The Clean Up Woman. Even with this show, when they first saw it, [they were like] 'Oh, Your Husband Is Cheating On Us and nah nah nah.' And I'm like 'no,' but this what I always say: the show is full of drama. It's full of all kinds of hot mess, so if you about drama and you about hot mess, then, yeah, the show's gonna be about you ... My wife was like, 'Who is this show really about?' I'm like 'No, no baby, it's just a song [and a] show.'"

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