A Positive Start

A Positive Start

Laura describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and elimination.

The First Day

The first day was really positive. I love being around Isaac and Kelly. The first Harper’s Bazaar mini challenge was already surprisingly interesting and certainly challenging. The other contestants are colorful, creative and I respect their ability. Laura Brown is quick and incisive as well. If she is ever pithy, she is also correct while still being by far more constructive than some of her peers.

We’ve assembled into the first team challenge. It reminds me of choosing teams in elementary school dodgeball. I’m pleased with the team I’m on. We’re designing a good miniature collection. The colors are sophisticated and gorgeous, soft and feminine. The details are very nicely unexpected and avant-garde — providing an edge to keep it from becoming saccharine.

We’re staying at LeParker Meridian. In a word, luxury. Exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day. Reco and I are already scheming on getting into the “Gravity” gym and spa in our, ahem, copious spare time and making pacts to do push-ups before showering. We’ll see what I have to say about that in the morning at 5:45 when zombie Laura Dawson is at the controls…

The First Elimination

The initial fashion show I’m happy with the quality of the show and our presentations. This is shaping up to be what I would expect of a television show about fashion. I’m excited to be in contact with the caliber of people in the audience. Glad about Elie Tahari and Fern Mallis as well.

Isaac Mizrahi said that he used to hate his critics when he was younger, but that they were usually right. I still agree with him most cases, There’s always room for a healthy diversity of opinion.

Albert Einstein once said that regardless of how much any person is lauded for their abilities, we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. It was an incisive comment from an incisive man. The only thing surprising is how little most people realize this. In fact, the ability to accept principles like this one is in direct proportion to a person’s level of quality. It applies to design quality, inner resolution and political acumen.

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