Alex talks about the elimination of Keith.

OK, I’m ripping off the Band-Aid and going straight to the elimination after avoiding watching this episode for days. I absolutely love Keith and his clothes. There were issues with his dress, but I didn’t think it was axe-worthy. That said, no one understands more than a fellow Bravo cast member that this all happened months ago and I know great things are happening for him now.

Rewind to the Mini Challenge. Sneaky little bait and switch!! Don’t hate me designers, but I liked this challenge. Maybe it’s my inner sadist, maybe it’s that I know that the whole cast is there for the viewer’s entertainment and I wanted to see a little drama. It was a strange prize for the winner, to have to tell the judges who she didn’t like when they also picked two for the bottom — that was hard on Daniella.

On to the main challenge – you knew with the mini challenge switcheroo that something similar would happen at elimination, so when the cast assembled at New York Model Management I had a feeling they wouldn’t be dressing models. For a moment I wondered whether it would be the male version of episode two with everyone creating a look for Cory Bautista, which would have been fun. But dressing the bookers was a great idea too, particularly with the rules to cover each girl’s least favorite area and play up the best.

Johnny’s look did not appeal to me much personally – I liked the two-tone idea but not the floral fabric. However, the dress did its job, which is a big plus. I liked Merlin’s jacket but didn’t care for the rest of the outfit; the model wound up looking poured into the skirt. Thought the neckline on Lidia’s was very interesting, and liked the fabric choice. Solid entry, Lidia! Anna’s dress looked good on the model and James-Paul had an interesting shoulder situation going on with his top; the model looked great and happy though I’m not sure her shoulders looked any smaller. 

I really loved Haven’s work with the pink and black – the neckpiece was cool, the model looked slim in the front, and the back was bootylicious just as the model requested. I can’t believe I just wrote “bootylicious” not only once but twice in a blog. I’m going to writer hell right now.  Anyway … Haven’s look was crisp and sexy while being appropriate for just about anything.  Reco and Daniella also pulled off great looks. If I were judging I’d probably have chosen Reco’s look as the winner with Haven’s in second, but Daniella’s navy and black look looked beautiful as well. Of the three I’d be most likely to wear Reco’s but this challenge wasn’t about me!

In the end it came down to Angel and Keith at elimination time. I thought Angel’s dress had more problems than Keith’s. I’m tired of seeing the up-to-the-last-second work from Angel.  Perhaps Keith should have stuffed the front of the dress instead of molding it when the fitting snafu happened. I’m also absolutely biased between the two of them and it would be dishonest for me not to say so. Depressing end to the episode, but I’m looking forward to more greatness from Keith. I’ve seen it and worn it!!

And then, there were nine ...

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