Always Glad

Always Glad

Keith explains his disastrous final garment.

This challenge is to take real women and create dresses that enhance their bodies in areas that they feel need improvement and minimize areas they are not happy with. My “model’s” name is Maggie. She really looks like a model. She is tall and slender. However, I am now nervous because she is asking me to make her bust and hips look bigger. I have never had a client ask me to make them look larger than they actually appear. She has told me she loves the color red so I am making her a red dress with a black waistband. I am really hoping that this color combination and placement will help with this objective. I am also putting darts and pleats in proper places to ensure this enhancement.

At the first fitting I am beginning to realize that the concept for the dress is not working and I am going to be forced to fix this dress from disaster. I adjusted the dress but I am now afraid that it will appear a bit plain. Unfortunately there is not enough time to change the dress altogether so all I can do is hope it works out.

On the fashion show day I instructed the hair and makeup people to give Maggie a modern-like pullback hairdo and a clean petty face with matte red lips.

The dress does not fit Maggie properly because she did not tell me I took her measurements while she was wearing a padded bra. I wound up having to adjust the top of the dress to fit her bust without a padded bra five minutes before she went out on the catwalk. However, the judges didn’t like it. I was in the bottom three and was sent home. I am sad to say goodbye to my friends and this amazing experience. However, I will be always be glad I did it.

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