Anna offers her take on the argument between Reco and Daniella.

Oh lord, here it comes. I was thrilled that Haven was in the top two. She is a cool little lady and definitely contributes to my sanity living here in this bizarre situation. She has really been working hard so I am really happy for her. She and I are in the same place in terms of our fledgling companies, life experiences, and careers, and I know that her dynamic personality is going to propel her business really far.

I really liked my piece although the pant could have benefited from another fitting. The jacket was killer and I am starting to realize that I can knock out a jacket like nobody’s business. Again, though, I was in the middle so I am getting a little frustrated. More than anything because I am showing my work in front of such prominent people in the industry, I would love to at least get some feedback so that I can win one of these days! No matter what, my model and Haven both wanted to buy my outfit so … success!

And then there was the whole blowup with Reco. Because Daniella and Haven are my good friends here, it is a really hard situation. I was able to tell Reco that I felt like he and I really agree with their point of view needed to be a little more humble. Between him proclamations that he is the only person here that could possibly win this competition and the book that he is putting out I feel like he is painting himself in a light that will make him look conceited. I think that this is one of the first times he has been placed in a situation with critics that sit in the worldview and competition that may just have a different and more applicable set of experiences. Regardless, I just hate to see everyone yelling and upset and there seems to be a real lack of LISTENING going on. All I know is that the drama has begun and it is only going to get uglier. Watch what happens!

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