Bye-bye, Barbie!

Bye-bye, Barbie!

Merlin doesn't shed any tears on Haven's departure.

My new mantra is that I can, I am, and I will do everything I can to achieve my goal. The competition is becoming harder and there is nothing but tension and fear between us.
Isaac still does not understand my accent but whether they believe it or not, I'm still here in the competition.

The Mini Challenge was a trivia about fashion history. I'm screwed because the little I do know about fashion history is what I've read in magazines. I answered the first few questions correct but in the end I lost. Because Anna won, she had the power to assign a designer to us for the elimination challenge. The challenge was to recreate an outfit inspired by the designer Anna gave us. Anna surprised me by giving me Madame Grès who I had not heard of before and I was worried.

In the end I made a marvelous dress that was very pretty and I was satisfied with. My outfit was safe and it was Haven that went home, it was just her time. Bye-bye, Barbie. Hasta la vista!

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