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Charlotte Ronson

The guest judge shares her high school style and what trends are on the fashion horizon. First, what do you think the key to creating the looks to win for this specific challenge were?
The key for this challenge was taking a basic reference or stereotype and making it your own while still having fun with it. What “clique” were you in in high school? What was your high school style?
In high school I would say that I was friends with everyone and didn't belong to a specific clique. My style wasn't so extravagant; it was pretty laid back and very cheap and chic. Which looks stood out the most to you for better or worse?
My favorite look from the runway show was definitely Daniella's The question in judging came up  about whether it’s worse to have the potential and not try or to not have the potential to be great. What do you think?
I believe that it takes 110% to get anywhere no matter how much talent you have. There is always going to be someone who works harder than you and it will be hard to succeed if you aren't giving it your all. You have your regular line and now your new I Heart Ronson line — what would your advice be to a designer like Johnny R. who doesn’t think his fashion needs to be accessible?
I can't understand why you wouldn't want your clothing to be accessible. Whether it be in the price, styling, or trends of your collection, in this economical climate you can't afford to not be accessible. Most people aren't buying super-expensive, extravagant, wear-one-time-only pieces, any more. They want something that they can wear multiple times with different things. How can you ask someone to invest in you and your brand and believe that it has the ability to be a successful collection if you aren't trying to reach the largest possible audience? Do you think the right designer won?
I really loved Daniella's design but she had immunity this week so she was safe anyway. Have you been keeping up with The Fashion Show? If so, who are your favorites so far?
Yes! I have been tuning in to "The Fashion Show." I'm glad to see that Daniella has been consistently great as she is my favorite. What are the big trends that we should be looking out for? What’s to come?
For fall I think the big trends people should be looking out for are shoulder pads, cinched waists, lots of leather, and washed out knits. Also, I think that people are being more conscious with what they already own and reworking things in their wardrobe, mixing the old with the new.

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