Ciao for Now

Ciao for Now

Laura breaks down the reasons for her elimination.

When asked if I have any hidden talents, I should have replied that I excel at disappearing. I deftly sidestep attempts to crack my surface, usually without being noticed. I am like a curl of smoke on a drift of air — beautiful and transient: lingering for a moment and the next gone. I don’t want to crumble like a dry curled leaf. Being blown about long past the exit of fall and then in tiny pieces. Frank Ottara said in this poem "Nocturne”, “I go east and west but the avenues run north and south. I’m built the wrong way for the river and a mild gust of wind would break every fiber in me.”

Our little band of outsiders went to total meltdown, sadly. I became quiet around too many loud people and it added to a complete lack of communication. I worried that they didn’t want to involve me. They feared that I wouldn’t listen to them and then they never spoke up! Too badmy friends. Ciao for now.

Laura Dawson fashion don'ts definitely include tabloidesque petty spats. Laura Dawson fashion dos are that I make innovative, sculptural clothing for beautiful women. In my world all women are stunning. If I create a dress that makes a woman feel wonderful, I’ve made the world a better place. I make all my clothing as organic as possible and with as little environmental impact as possible, because that’s the clothing that my fans wanted all along. New clothes should make you feel as though your environment is new and renewed, in the best possible way.

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