It's an Embarrassment

It's an Embarrassment

Merlin has strong words for this week's losing team, and surprisingly not for Daniella.

Its 5 a.m. and the phone rings. I wake up dizzy, after sleeping for six hours and suddenly hear the mysterious voice on the phone that always wakes us up “It’s 5 a.m., time to get up, wake up the others.”

Its elimination day, we have to bring our luggage in case it’s our time.

This time the challenge is to design a dress for a social occasion. I have to design a dress for a socialite that I have never heard of, and don’t even know what she does. The dress is for a luncheon she is attending, I’m not really sure what that means, but I am making a dress for a cocktail event.  Suddenly I find out that my dress is for a meeting at 2 p.m., a day party. I quickly destroy my dress and transform it into something simple yet well done with my personal touch.

I think none of these people that are in this competition have the creativity to make a dress with the details, patterns, and interior construction. It’s like the fit of a door in a Mercedes-Benz; firm and secure.

My dress fits my model to perfection, which is beautiful; I’m not concerned about the end results. But with all this, we came out in second place. I think the people judging our designs are basing their judgment in what’s commercial and what’s in, and they are not considering new innovative design options and new concepts. However, I feel that my challenge is to dress today’s woman with today’s style vs. the future. Because it's clear that it’s not understandable but I think the competition gets better with each day. Not the best one will win, but the one that deserves it.

Daniella won today “la metralleta parlanchina.” That gives me an idea that people are voting for things they have seen on magazines and TV. I think that anyone can put on a jumpsuit, a high wasted skirt, any black dress on any photo shoot or model that has already been seen. I personally didn’t see any creativity in the winning garment, but I think that’s the concept of this competition. Anyways, I think that is fantastic and personally I am glad that Daniella is happy in her new team, and I hope she enjoys it.

I think the losing team today was one big mess, and more than one person had to be eliminated starting with the leader. What they presented was an embarrassment in construction, creativity, and wearable was a disaster.  And the worse is they don’t take it as a warning lesson instead they take it as a joke. It’s an insult to what we represent as designers. It’s an embarrassment.

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