Just Not Right

Runway's Kenley Collins weighs in on this week's Fashion Show designs.

This episode of The Fashion Show was about cliques in high school. I love this challenge!

In the mini challenge, the designers did horrendous graphic tees for the student presidential election, granted they only had an hour. I think it was clear who the winner was in this challenge - Daniella, who did a clean, fun, detailed graphic of a tree. The rest were sloppy and poorly designed.

For the elimination challenge, they all kept the same clique as their inspiration for their garment.

Daniella’s, once again, was the best. Although her point of view of a tree hugger is being dirty and sloppy, she still pulled off the most clean and interesting garment. It captured 'tree hugger' by the earth tones, cool hoodie and earthy details.

James-Paul did the most adorable preppy, corky Ralph Lauren-esque sweater and pant. I loved the plaid patch in the back of the pant and detail on the sweater. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

I thought the rest weren't very impressive.

Reco had drama, which I didn’t see. He did a pretty white dress that was way too short for my taste and the proportions of the overall look were unflattering. That vest was too tight and little. It looked almost silly. However, I do think he will make it to the end with Daniella.

Haven’s skater interpretation was off. I just saw a black turtleneck and somewhat of a cool pair of pants. I think the only thing skater about it was the checkered tag, but it was so subtle. Overall, the design was okay.

Lidia did a nerd costume on Halloween, but a very cute and cool nerd costume on Halloween.

Anna’s goth design was okay. I thought it was a little cheesy, with the color and fabric choice. The detail in the back was cliché. I think you can do something way more extravagant and beautiful with goth.

Merlin’s was a truly horrible interpretation of a mean girl. Mean girls have style! I really don’t know what the judges were thinking by choosing that as the winner. It was JCPenney. That trim and choice of fabric and color was just wrong. The pinks were clashing horribly. I don’t see any respectable woman wearing it, but he did get the pant to fit well.

Angel, poor Angel, I can relate to her since I had to design hip hop, but come on, that was so cheesy! She even did the one pant leg up! Corn rows and a trucker hat! What?! B-girls got style. I think Angel’s personal style is more B girl then what she did.

And last, and certainly least, is Johnny’s jock inspired garment. That was just not right.

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