Let the Games Continue

Let the Games Continue

Markus describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and elimination.

The First Day

Wow what a day! Quite overwhelming and exciting. It is amazing to have Isaac Mizrahi as the host. I was so moved by the film Unzipped. It really was the first behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry. It always has stayed with me and his talent and vision forever impacted me and my life. Not to forget the lovely Kelly Rowland, our host, who is such a huge talent in the music industry and seems to have a love and passion for fashion. It was hard for me to look at her and not think of all the things she did with Destiny’s Child and I love how she is always dancing. As far as the other contestants, there seem to be lots of interesting characters. I seemed to have really taken to Haven. She is so beautiful and I love her accent. I also really like Johnny R. He is very nice and seems to be quite talented. I am glad our first team project is together. I am looking forward to our first challenge.

The First Elimination

The day started out so early and so stressful. We had our first Fashion Show and it was going to be our first elimination. I think everybody was stressed and excited all at the same time. I was personally just focused that my group would finish everything in time and our collection would look amazing. It was down to the wire but we managed to finish and I think our models looking amazing. When the music started and we saw them take the stage it was an amazing feeling to see all your hard work finally pay off. It was also amazing that Fern Mallis and Elie Tahari were judging. They are both people I respect very much. I guess our pants didn’t go over so well with everybody but we managed to be the group that got safe. Thank God! I was so surprised Merlin’s look was the audience favorite. It was very comical to me and I think he is a real piece of work and quite disrespectful, especially to the ladies. John-Paul on the other hand is very quiet and fragile, made a beautiful dress. Poor Jonny D. got eliminated but I am glad it was nobody from my group. LET THE GAMES CONTINUE!

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