No One is Safe

No One is Safe

Daniella is thankful for being giving another chance.

So getting my cards read should have been a lot more helpful considering how into it I am … but I also tend to overthink and overanalyze everything since I’ve been in this competition. I mean, I totally think I could trust myself more, but my work is such a reflection of my mood and emotions and having felt so anxious and overly pensive about this challenge caused a major disconnect between me and my garments.

I’m actually so grateful to have had more than one second chance on this show because I’ve learned more and been more inspired by my failures than my successes. I never thought this competition would be more than just an exhibition of what we already can do, but it has been such an opportunity to learn about myself and discover all the things that can still excite me about this industry that I have barely investigated. This all just confirms what the psychic told me about embracing my youth and loving what I do more and more as I get older. There is so much to learn and explore and being one of the last five makes me want to be in the finale so much because I am so excited to research and develop all the ideas I’ve imagined while I’ve been here.

I know my outfit wasn’t successful, but having the judges address me gives me some confidence that they believe in me as a designer and expected better because they know I am a good designer. And I know I am too and I have a good eye. I just have to remember what I love so much about this industry and enjoy this last challenge so that I can have the chance to show everything I can do in my collection in the finals.

Anyway, now that Merlin’s gone I really feel like the judges are right — no one is safe. It could be anyone to go or anyone unexpected they would want to see in the finals. I just have to keep my head up and do what I love.

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