Remaining Positive

Remaining Positive

Even though Andrew was eliminated, he explains why he's feeling optimistic.

Even though I was eliminated from the competition today, I’m still feeling very positive about the experience.

At the end of the day I can be proud that I created a garment that is fluid, feminine, and salable. Even though the judges did not believe in my design, I think it is a dress that real American women would love to wear. I am glad I stuck to my guns and created a design I can be proud of.
I am really glad to have been in the competition and truly enjoyed every minute I was in it. I am also grateful for all of the friendships I have made along the way. I really didn’t expect to make any friends as it was a competition, but am grateful for the connections I made.

As for the future of Andrew Christian, I plan on continuing with my clothing line, creating and innovating with new designs and fabrications. I love fashion and couldn’t imagine anything else in the world I would rather do than to be a fashion designer.

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