Rock On

Rock On

Kristin describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and breaks down each group's look.

The First Day
OK so finally all the anticipation is over with! I met all the contestants (or the competition!) and dah dah dah dah: THE HOSTS! I totally went head over five inch heels when none other than the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi walked out the door! I mean from Unzipped to his line for Target, I heart Isaac! And then, his sidekick, the beautiful Ms. Kelly Rowland, appeared at his side. And yes, she is even more beautiful in person! Aw, and they make a hella cute couple! OK so confession time … I’ve never really met anyone famous. I’ve met local celebs (like Mayor Daly of Chicago … wait, are mayors celebrities?) So that was super cool that my first two famous peeps are these guys. As for the rest of the crowd … everyone seems “nice.” It’s still too early to figure out everyone, but let me tell you … there sure are some characters in the bunch! Thank goodness I’m the blonde (except for Haven but she’s a little more sandy brown I’d say). After the great meet and greet we were quickly put to our first mini challenge — making a LBD from a black t-shirt. Oh yeah, we only had an hour to do it. I didn’t win the challenge but I was definitely a front runner. Side note: anyone who left pins in their garment should have been disqualified! Total B.S. My thoughts behind my dress: while Laura from Harper's Bazaar said my dress was too girly looking, I went for sweet and sellable. I would have liked it to be a tad more fitted but c'est la vie. So I got picked for Keith’s team for the challenge and after meeting our team went shopping and overall compromised on our designs. We’ll see what happens tomorrow! Rock on, Kristin

The First Elimination
New York City is cold. But so is Chicago and thank goodness I have a cute coat and my cowgirl boots to keep me warm. I’m pumped to get down to work! I’m just very nervous about my skirt concept. I may be the youngest in this game but I know this: unless my design is executed correctly, it won’t work. We should be making this skirt from jersey that has way more stretch than the chosen stretch wool. Ugh. But my plan is to just mind my own business and get my work done. There’s a little communication in the group, but I really feel like we’re not meshing together. Plus, I’m super annoyed that Keith isn’t taking a very dominating role as our leader. He should be steering us to victory, not monitoring everyone’s feelings.

Towards the end of the day, I feel fine about my look. But looking around I’m getting panicky for my fellow teammates. I love the direction Anna is taking, but what in the world is up with the boys in this group? Andrew’s top is turning out beautifully, but I’m sorry … Jonny and Keith, what are you thinking? I can tell that Johnny needs some help, but I have my own garments to worry about finishing. Sorry dude.

Isaac and Kelly don’t look impressed either. My great mood I was in this morning has landed in a pile of scraps under my sewing machine.

So the day of our first fashion show has arrived. I’m a little nervous because there’s a weird vibe in the workroom. My group is trying to be positive but it’s feeling a tad fake to me because deep down I know that my idea wasn’t made the right way. So of course it’s going to come off discombobulated to the judges!  But I’m trying to make the best of it. I think my girl looks like a doll!

It’s strange to watch the fashion show on a monitor though because we literally just put the finishing touches on our garments and BAM! it’s on a runway! I really think the competition is up in the air. I have no idea how the judges will react to any of it, but I know exactly how I’m reacting!Let’s analyze the must-have piece, because after all, that’s what this challenge was about.

Group 1 – Harem Pants.
Harem pants?  I don’t know anyone who owns them and wears them, let alone considers them a must have. My apologies, but thumbs down.

Group 2 – The Bolero Jacket
Smart, but way too safe. Besides, I’m pretty sure everyone already has a bolero in their closet.  I have like six!

Group 3 – The Tube Dress
Brilliant idea! A must-have piece should embody a few things: it should be classic, not too trendy, and it should be able to be worn in 12 outfits without ever looking the same. In theory, this is the strongest must-have piece.

So how in the world did my brilliant idea land me in the bottom two? The obvious reason is execution. (Like I said!) According to Isaac, it seems as if I don’t know who I am as a designer, and he was weirded out by my styling choice of black tights and white shoes. (I told you I had no idea what they would think!) In my defense, I wear and design that kinda quirky thing all the time. Besides, I’m 23 man! I’m still figuring out who I am as designer. And as far as the audience thinking my look was trashy … I don’t care. Anyone who knows me and my work would never use that word.

So I guess I haven’t won over any new fans, but I know I didn’t do the worst in this group.  Elimination is completely nerve-rracking though, so I’m trying to keep my cool. And phew! The judges save me! Good choice guys.

It’s been a long day and there’s only one thing left to do: pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I’m thinking black tights and white shoes....

Rock On,


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