Shiny Happy People

Shiny Happy People

Andrew describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and elimination.

The First Day
Today was an amazing first day. I was greeted by 13 happy faces. I really didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the other designers who greeted me. I on the other hand was not surprised by our host. Isaac Mizrahi was my first guest for a host. He is not only a great designer, but he is an amazing entertainer. I thought to myself that there is no one who can carry this off as well as him. I was ecstatic to also find out Kelly Rowland is our guest host. She is even more beautiful in person and such a great person. So we received our first mini-challenge … which was to create a little black dress out of a black t-shirt. Oh yea, I had to be done in one hour. Talk about pressure. I thought I would not finish, but I did without even a second to spare. I was so excited when Laura, the editor from Harper's Bazaar, had nothing but positive things to say about my little black dress. It was definitely the high point of the day. After that we received our first real challenge. The team I was picked to be on was a great group of designers. I was really happy to be teamed up with them.

The First Elimination
I am feeling really confident about my first challenge. I think I am creating a very feminine piece that women want to buy. I think I am doing well on time management as well. I am just really excited to start the first Fashion Show.

The first Fashion Show was amazing. My model Megan looked really hot and elegant. It seemed like the rest of the designers liked my outfit as well. The moment finally came for my piece to be show cased and I was so excited I could hardly stand it. The look came down the runway and it looked amazing. Judging was a bit stressful as I was in the losing team. I had a positive comment from Isaac and Fern which means the world to me. Fern even liked my small handbag I made in my spare time. This has definitely been the highlight of my short time here.

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