The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun

Anna describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and her problem with Merlin.

The First Day

It’s totally bizarre to walk into a room filled with cameras and 14 people you have never met sitting in a circle. Lucky for me everyone was really sweet and made me feel comfortable. I was happy to see that Isaac Mizrahi was our judge — he is a really amazing accomplished designer.

I have to admit I was weirded out by Merlin. Besides the fact that he was wearing a red Leprechaun/Peter Pan outfit, he is obviously playing for the cameras but, whatever. I look forward to being whipped in the face by feathers in the future. For my challenge I was terrified. I totally blanked out when it was assigned and with an hour to design and ended up being really disappointed with what I did.

Overall, I think I was nervous. Having cameras in my face all day long was really new for me. I really just need focus and get with it!

At this point, I am really happy with my roommates and I am gearing up for tomorrow and the long days ahead.

The First Elimination

Yesterday we had our first round of eliminations and I have to say it was surreal. Having watched hours of reality TV myself, my feet were going numb having to stand there through the absurd scene that the leprechaun was making, and the embarrassing critique of the group as a whole.

I was relatively happy with my look in general, but throughout the development of the collection, I became increasingly concerned about the simplicity of what it was becoming. I voiced to my team members that I was concerned especially because everyone was doing such simple pieces. Everyone else seemed to be fairly confident about the elimination in terms of the challenge and meeting the standards of the assignment, but this is a competition about creativity, and although the judges seemed to like my piece, I felt like I didn’t push myself far enough.

We were all really sad to see Jonny Day go, and when it happened, the real reality of the situation started to sink in. I have to say that although I was nervous about what to expect as far as personalities on this show, I really love some of these people! I was expecting some attention seeking weirdos and most everyone has turned out to be really down to earth and fun. Except of course our resident pathological sociopath leprechaun.

All that aside, I’m not entirely sure why his medieval joker costume was one of the top designs. I am 5’10” 135 lbs and I would never wear that. I was under the impression that this was a challenge that had to do with wearability. I hope that the audience in the future challenges takes into account that fact and actuality considers whether or not they would wear or buy the garments. As for me, I am stepping up my game from here on out. Smell ya later.

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