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Blushing Brides

Iman shares wedding do's and do's (including her own), and lets us in on what she told Cindy.

Bravo: This week's challenge was wedding themed, can you tell us a little bit about what you wore to your own wedding?

Iman: I wore a custom made Herve Leger and got married in Florence, Italy

Bravo: What sort of constraints/points did you want the designers to keep in mind in designing for a wedding?

Iman: A wedding "dress" should look timeless and has to make the "client" very comfortable and beautiful. It is one of the most important events in one's life and the creation of the "dress" should be stress free...but Calvin made sure to bring on more stress than usual!

Bravo: What's your wedding no-no? What sort of outfits, or styles, or other features do you hate seeing in the clothing for a wedding party?

Iman: I would say that costume and themes are a no-no. It is not a costume party. It is a celebration of love, but some of the "clients" in this episode really stretched the patience of the designers and managed to almost send all our designers home! 

Bravo: Dominique pulled out her second win in a row this week, with her lovely white gown. What about it put it out of the standard bridal territory and into the win column for you guys?

Iman: What she did diplomatically perfect is to give the client what she wanted but at the same time she put her own signature on it. It looked timeless and photographable, which will be the one thing that will be recorded for posterity.

Bravo: You seemed rather displeased with Cesar’s outfit, and a little under-whelmed with some of the other outfits. Did you feel like the designers listened to closely to what the clients wanted this week? Did you think they held back a bit?

Iman: I think this episode was the most difficult of all so far. Cesar should have learned a "bit" from Calvin by being a little more forceful. His "costumey" outfit with the paisley pants and the oversized clownish bowtie almost derailed him and would have sent him home. Imagine how much better and cleaner it would have looked if he would have simply matched the pants to the jacket and given her a more restrained, small, dandyish bowtie. The client is not always right! And poor Eduardo, who has designed so many beautiful cocktail dresses, ended up creating, at the client's request, a mediocre '50s inspired dress. Rachel Zoe was being extra nice for saying it is sellable. Again it was a close call.

Bravo: What about his Korean kimono redeemed his attitude enough to stay?

Iman: Calvin, Calvin, Calvin! A lot of my tweet fans think that we have kept him so far for entairnment value...not true! He is a talented designer and in this case, however obnoxious and rude he was, he actually managed to create something difficult, which was a traditional Korean wedding outfit especially when he has never seen one! He kept it clean and flatering on the client.

Bravo: At the end of this episode you really let Cindy know that you believed in her vision. What about her designs makes you feel so strongly about her moving forward?

I felt so bad for Cindy as she came totally undone by this challenge. It was the most awful thing to watch as that client came down the runway, the fit, or the unfit, of the outfit, the unmatching fabric choice for jacket and pants. The horror! The horror! It actually looked a tad better on tv than in real life. I am not here to trample and destroy the designer's dreams so i wanted to give her encouragement as we sent her home

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