Shrinking Violets

Shrinking Violets

Iman shares her red carpet secrets, and her true opinions on dressing the 'wives.

Bravo: This week the designers were asked to design outfits for not only real clients, but for Real Housewives from OC and NJ. First off, do you watch the Real Housewives? Were you familiar with the ladies?

Iman: Yes, I do watch the shows, and it is much harder to design for "clients" especially these Housewives who are very opinionated. They are no shrinking violets! In my opinion, some should not have been so opinionated, and others had good reasons to be. If a housewife is known for her ample badonkadonk and tatas, I mean, going demure once in a while is a good thing! Right? Most women tend to have a "signature" style that sometimes gets them in a rut! Change is good... that would have been my only advice to the Housewives.

Bravo: You've been dressed for many an event, what do you hope a designer keeps in mind for private clients like this?

Iman: I think a designer should listen to what women don't like about their bodies first and foremost because if you can tackle that then you can help and show her new ways of dressing that is out of her comfort zone. It is about trusting the designer to bring the best of you and highlight it. Designers are there to direct, to help, and to inspire. They can find the good parts of your body, and let's not forget personality, and enhance those bits.

Bravo: You mentioned that it's better to wear color on the red carpet as opposed to skin tones. What other red carpet tips and tricks have you learned over the years?

Iman: From my experience color looks great on the red carpet, and you stand out, but also at times black is great, especially if it is dramatic. Make sure the dress fits you well and sometimes it helps for you to take a photo of yourself in the dress so you can see how actually it looks in photograph. Remember how many times you have read that a celebrity's dress actually looked better in real life? Well, if you are at a big event that doesn't matter, it is the photograph that matters and sometimes outlives you! Especially bad ones! I love to experiment with new looks for smaller events so if it fails it doesn't fail big time on the world stage and although I love change I wouldn't suggest a new haircut and color and a new look all at once for an event, it is a recipe for disaster... do one change at a time and live with it before the big event.

Bravo: House of Emerald unveiled these grandiose champagne-hued dresses, but sort of lost it on the details. What disappointed you the most about their collection? What was there that you liked?

When a designer chooses skin tone-colors they have to be perfect in their exectution and have great details, because it shows all the imperfections! It needs a steady, assured hand to deal with these colors, and I think that tripped the House of Emerald. 

Bravo: House of Nami manages to win, despite their many troubles. What put them over the edge to ultimate collection territory?

Iman: Their palette had a lot to do with their winning as it was more forgiving. The house was in a disarray with David's awful first dress, Dominique constantly moping and voicing her inexperience in designing gowns, Calvin for just being Calvin and designing an atrocious gown for an indecisive housewife! .... Eduardo was the only one who seemed to know what he was doing, and yet they won the challenge because simply the other house was worse.

Bravo: What about Eduardo's dress for Dina was so enthralling to you guys? You guys keep mentioning he's covering the same ground, what do you want to see him do more of in the next few challenges?

Iman: Eduardo's dress was beautifully executed for the challenge... it was a beautiful gown for an event and it looked great on her. He has won several times and he needs for his next feat to undergo a change of pace and design something that he has barely explored before! He need s to show us he can do more.... Unfortunately he keeps on repeating himself and has become a one trick pony, albeit a talented pony.

Bravo: You guys sent Golnessa home this week, what about her dress warranted the elimination?

Iman: Golnessa have been poorly executing for a while and never found her footing. That poor excuse of a gown that didn't even fit was "out of fashion"!

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