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The Kids Are All Right

Laura Brown commends the bravery and grace of the designers this week, and doesn't worry too much about Eduardo's future.

Bravo: This week's episode was all about accessories. Are you a big accessories person?

LB: I had to sort of school myself in accessories. My first Waterloo was shoes, when I was about 22. And I have never recovered. When it comes to hats and gloves and lots of trinket-y things, I'm not SO big on it, I wear like one ring (but a good ring). But a good bag and a good shoe can make the girl.

Bravo: Do you have any favorite pieces in your own collection?

LB: Yes, I have a Stefano Canturi art deco diamond ring that I really love. And my fearless leader Glenda Bailey gave me a gorgeous black Celine bag with a chain that I'll carry 'til I die (or I get mugged). For spring, I'm obsessed with the Fendi color-block wedges – like my life without them was nothing.

Bravo: What are some of the trends you’re seeing for 2011?

LB: Color. Color. Color. Fashion looks like a big fruit bowl for spring, and I think it's a fun way to put a little color in your look — in your shoe, or a bag. You don't want to look like a rainbow with your clothes — if you're a jeans and tank-top girl, put on those Fendi shoes and you'll look great. Well, that's my plan, anyway.

Bravo: The designers were really great this week. What impressed you guys so much about the collections?

Laura Brown: I think a lot of them really hit their stride, and they used the challenge to facilitate more glamour. The accessories worked really well as an embellishment to their signature style. They were a little scared at the beginning, but they really rose to it and pushed themselves a little bit, I think. Bravo: Jeffrey pulled out the win this week, with his two amazing outfits, and particularly the earring-showcasing design that Isaac mentioned was a sure winner. What was it that struck you guys about it so much?

LB: I loved Jeffrey's colorful chicken lady look, too. I thought colorful chicken lady was great because it was so unique and so him. What he does really well is this fluidity thing. He made trousers, which he hasn't made so much. But he tempered the crazy blue and green feathers with white. It wasn't a schizophrenic bird—it was as measured as it could have been, given that he was given a giant multi-colored shrug. He totally scored with the earrings, and I think his instincts were right again to pair it with a very, very simple white dress. It was beautiful. Iman and I both would have worn that in a heartbeat. And he knew not to, as they say in my country, over-egg the pudding.

Bravo: You commended Dominique on being a bit of a brave one, and this week she definitely went all the way out there with the pig coat. What did you think of her work this week?

LB: The brave one. God bless her. Yeah, I didn't like that coat. But I liked her thought process; I liked that she went for that coat. I liked that she thought, "OK, my woman is going to wear a coat that looks like a pig." First, she made a coat with a pig face, and then she gave her second look an almost a couture treatment with the crinoline under the back of dress. She's completely fearless with shape and volume. I think that's a testament to her youth, and I think one day she'll learn to marry that fearlessness with commercialism, and it will be the best of both worlds. She's got balls. I appreciate her for that.

Bravo: At the end it was Eduardo that had to go home, instead of Dominique. What was it that sealed the decision for you guys to send him home instead of her?

LB: The hungry ruffle! Eduardo was eaten by the hungry ruffle. You know what, it wasn't like it was terrible, as we said it was a really tough week. It was that bloody ruffle on that dress that was longer than the dress. The dress had a strange hemline and the ruffle was black and the dress was brown-ish — it just was not good. And, again he's really great at making those saucy little cocktail dresses, and I would wear one of them in a second. He just failed in the execution of that particular dress. Something tells me though, that the kid's going to be alright.

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