Heck Yes, or WTF? Adults Are Now Celebrating Birthdays With Baby-Style Smash Cakes

Heck Yes, or WTF? Adults Are Now Celebrating Birthdays With Baby-Style Smash Cakes

Baby smash cakes make for great one-year-old birthday photo shoots, but...

By Jenny Berg

If, like Siggy Flicker, you shiver at the thought a beautiful cake being destroyed, you may take this news hard. It seems that a new birthday trend is for celebrants to smash their fists and/or faces into frosted treats ... And nope, we're not talking about one-year-olds. 

A slew of adults have recently taken to Instagram to showcase the trend that's being called (quite sensibly) "adult smash cakes." Said cheeky phenomenon sees people gathering frosting by the fistful and smooshing it around their mouths, or biting directly into a cake. 

But, it doesn't end there. The adults in question often post signage that spells out what they're into these days. Just like parents do for their babies! The signs list info like height and "likes," and "dislikes," as well as how many months old the birthday boy or girl (or, um, man or woman) is.

There is, however, one major difference between the way that babies and adults eat the sweet spread. While their younger counterparts typically opt for milk as a beverage pairing, the older generation tosses in champagne or beer. 

Take a peek at photos that show off the hilarious trend, below. 

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Um, at least you cut back on utensils this way? So there's that.

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