Most “Beauty Foods” Are Bogus, But These 5 Are Legit — And You'll Actually Want to Eat Them

Most “Beauty Foods” Are Bogus, But These 5 Are Legit — And You'll Actually Want to Eat Them

You won’t even need to go to a specialty store. (Promise!)

By Kristyn Pomranz
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You know how every other day, science flip flops on what foods are good for you versus bad for you? Like, on Monday, science says, “Coffee makes your hair fall out! Stop drinking coffee!” And then by Friday, science is like, “JK, coffee actually restores your hair follicles and cures cancer!” (So naturally, you choose to abide the lifestyle suggested by the latter.)

Well despite the fact that science is always evolving, there are some basic nutritional truths that will always hold steady. Even better? These legitimate "beauty foods" are things you're probably already eating; all you need to do is incorporate them into your diet more regularly to reap the benefits! These five perennially good-for-you foods can do everything from boosting your collagen to strengthening your hair to and smoothing out your wrinkles.

And unlike fad foods or fast fixes that you’ve never seen before (where the hell are you supposed to buy Inca berries?!), these are normal, everyday eats that you can find at your local store and you’ll probably be perfectly happy to snack on. And we won’t be changing our story next week.

To prevent hair shedding and boost shine: Walnuts

Other nuts may get more of hype, but walnuts boast omega-6, vitamin B7, and biotin, which are all key to strengthening your hair follicles and giving your tresses natural shine.

For depuffing your skin and tummy: Blueberries

Lots of fiber plus a low glycemic index means lower blood fat levels in your circulation. Translation? Blueberries are great for fighting bloat, from your face to your belly.

For a collagen boost: Sardines

These cute li’l crostini-friendly fishies are rich in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is one of the omega-3 fats that increases your collagen, giving you softer, more supple skin.

For preventing wrinkles: Edamame

These yummy little soy beans are packed with isoflavones, which work hand-in-hand with EPA to preserve your collagen to help keep your skin looking fresh and plump.

For fighting cellulite: Cucumbers

The ol’ cucumbers-on-the-eyes trope exists for a reason: The veggie’s phytochemicals cause collagen to firm up, which can reduce those pesky skin dimples and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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