8 Conversation-Starting Cocktail Ideas to Spark Some Holiday Party Drama

8 Conversation-Starting Cocktail Ideas to Spark Some Holiday Party Drama

What's in a "Trump Tweets Too Much?" Anything you want, we made it up. 

By Marianne Garvey

Let's just start the party with this: A beer was released in time for the holidays, named, ready for it? Bïeryoncé. But if you blinked, you missed it. Because now the drink is already RIP... thanks to a cease-and desist letter to the Brooklyn brewery from the queen herself this week that kiboshed it.

But the name got us thinking about all kinds of other drinks with cheeky, funny, or even naughty monikers. Consider bringing these as a hostess gift, or serving them at a party, as ways to tacitly, festively communicate little messages without actually, you know, having to say them. Or just announce the names jauntily on a chalkboard hanging from the punchbowl... and watch from a safe distance as those eyebrows go up and the pop-cultural or political convo starts to flow.

1. Short Trip to Hell

This drink looks refreshing but a few too many may have a guest waking up in the host's bathtub. What? Don't judge. Nothing wrong with a hard, ceramic bed. Pull the shower curtain closed please... it's called privacy! This drink's made with peach, strawberry, wild berry Schappps, Red Bull, and a shot of Jagermeister. We told you it was sneaky. 

2. Drunken Elf

Drink this and you may really see one (or think you do). Bacardi Golden Rum and pink lemonade, topped with a candy cane will have you purchasing expensive presents online in no time. Or at least having actual fun — god, is that so wrong?!

We're almost to the holiday ...but we won't tell if you kick it off early with us sipping our Candy Cane cocktail!

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3. Ginger Two Snaps Up

Vodka, ginger liqueur, agave syrup, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. Tastes like a cookie. Will have you talking smack. 

4. The Kim K.

Mmmkaay? The girl loves to stick with nude colors, just do a shot of Bailey's in her honor. Matches all her Yeezy outfits. 

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5. Khloé's Kleveland Kocktail

OK, we made this up, but since Cleveland is having a cocktail resurgence and Khlo-Khlo is now living there with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, it's red in his team's honor. Let's go with a spiced pomegranate cocktail. Throw in some vodka, pomegranate juice and seeds, lime juice, whiskey bitters, and mint. Voila!

6. What Did Trump Tweet Now?

Who knows what you'll get or what's in it? Just know it could leave an odd taste in your mouth. 

Swamp water cocktail . Mojito with coconut sugar and vitamixed mint . . #bartending #uglycocktails

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7. Fake Brews

Just have some non-alcoholic beers on hand and a mocktail for anyone who doesn't drink/is pregnant. Nobody wants to feel like a freak.

8. The Mariah Scarey

Honey loves the holidays, but is known to cancel an appearance or two. You will too after downing this concotion. Ever mix milk and vodka? Have fun.

That should be enough. Happy Holidays and good night. Lushes. 

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