Chris Pratt Had a Pretty Gross Habit When He Worked at Bubba Gump

Chris Pratt Had a Pretty Gross Habit When He Worked at Bubba Gump

You probably wouldn't have wanted Chris Pratt to be your Bubba Gump server.

By Tamara Palmer

Before Chris Pratt became a movie star who slaughters his own livestock for food and goes on Bible-inspired hallucinatory fasts, he worked as a waiter at a well-known restaurant. And now that he has many years between him and that job (which was serving at popular chain Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.), he's finally admitted that he had a pretty gross habit there.

"Every time I go back I’m reminded of the thousands of shrimp I ate off of people’s plates on the way back to the kitchen,” he captioned an Instagram photo of himself sitting at a table underneath the Bubba Gump sign. “Please tip your server. Leave at least 20%. Also leave some shrimp."


That's at least one reason to be glad that he made it in Hollywood. The tipping advice is some we can stand by, though!

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