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Did Giada de Laurentiis Redeem Herself on Her Return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Last time chef Giada de Laurentiis was on Ellen, things got a bit... awkward.

By Macy Daniela Martin

You may recall, about a year ago Food Network's Giada de Laurentiis and Nicole Kidman appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show together, and... it didn't go that well. Kidman was critical of de Laurentiis' focaccia and de Laurentiis called Kidman "the woman who can't cook." Ouch.

Basically it was great and very awkward TV. Now, fast-forward April 2018: de Laurentiis has returned to DeGeneres' show, boldly choosing to cook again. Here's what went down this time 'round... don't worry, it was still super awks. 

The segment started off grandly with DeGeneres bringing up the Kidman snafu right away (of course).

"Last time you were here we had a few hiccups. It was Nicole Kidman's fault, right?" she said before de Laurentiis pretty much gave her opinion on the situation in four words (and a clip of the previous years' ordeal started playing). "She's not here, right?" the chef quipped.

But the cringe-worthy moment didn't end there. Once the actual cooking — sorry, cocktail making in this case — began, de Laurentiis actually told DeGeneres, "I figured if we got you drunk enough, you wouldn't know the difference and then you would just love everything." OMG.

Do yourself a favor, and press play below to watch the whole amazingly awkward thing unfold.

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