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Yep, Your Bartender is Judging Your Order: Here Are the Drinks That Will Cost You Your Dignity

Honestly, we're siding with the bartenders on this one.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Have you ever sidled up to a bar, placed your drink order, and gotten the feeling you were being silently (or maybe not-so-silently) judged by your barkeep? Yeah, that’s because you probably were — and now there’s a study to prove it.

A recent survey called Bartender Confessions (conducted by spoke with over 260 U.S.-based bartenders and asked their opinions of patrons’ various choices. They got the drink slingers’ opinions on everything from customers’ orders to bar manners, and while some results aren’t surprising, others might have you rethinking your cocktail of choice.

Lest you think you were just being paranoid, 81 percent of bartenders will change their opinion of you based on your drink order. Here are the worst offenders (just blame Sex and the City).

Appletinis, Jagerbombs, and frozen cocktails were understandably the worst offenders, as they're typically the drinks of fraternity rows (although we defend our desire for the occasional piña colada; it transports our tastebuds to a tropical paradise!). But we were surprised to see water on the list — what about people who don't drink, or are pregnant, or are the designated driver? If anything, we think water deserves respect.

The survey also asked the bartenders about most annoying bar behaviors.

Asking for a free drink, whistling to get the bartender's attention, and telling the bartender to "surprise you" when ordering ranked as your most annoying behaviors, which we completely understand. But honestly, where is "having the bartender to charge your phone" on this list?! And why does "not using a coaster or napkin" rank? Is this bar run by Monica Gellar?

All of that said, the next time you're thinking about whistling at your bartender to ask for a free appletini, you might want to triple-check yourself, lest you wind up with a loogie-rita instead.

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