The Rock Reveals Feelings About Pineapple on Pizza, Internet Goes Wild

The Rock Reveals Feelings About Pineapple on Pizza, Internet Goes Wild

The actor has taken sides in the heated debate. 

By Jenny Berg

Some people love it (and many of those people are from Los Angeles); some people hate it (and one of those people is Gordon Ramsay). There's no doubt about it: The nation is divided when it comes to pineapple pizza. But how, you ask, does Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson feel about the fruity pie? We finally have an answer. 

On November 29, the former wrestler/action star shared a photo of himself with his pizza order of choice. And, lo and behold, the pie came topped with pineapple and ham. "As for my pizza toppings, keep in mind, I'm the guy who likes to put tequila and brown sugar in my oatmeal, so pineapple on pizza is MY jam - with ham."  

He added a hashtag spelling out: "my pizza my rules." It looks like no one wanted to argue with that! Tons of followers left comments along the lines of "yummy," and one wrote: "Studies show the people that say pineapple doesn't belong on pizza are less evolved and shouldn't be listened to." 

And, it turns out, the pizza was also part of his trainer's rules. 

“Got the glorious text from my strength & conditioning coach ... that read ‘DJ, need a mid week carb up for your big scenes tomorrow,'” The Rock wrote. “‘Eat a pizza and send me your pics in the morning. Watch. This.”

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