Fun Fact: Kate Middleton Founded an All-Girls Drinking Club in College

Kate Middleton's a cool royal — not all like... uncool.

Sure, it's all nude pantyhose and well-concealed hair nets these days — but deep down, Kate Middleton is fun. Like the kind of fun that makes a person want to set up a drinking club for booze-inclined ladies only.

When the now-Duchess of Cambridge was at so-called "uni" at St Andrews — yes, that's where she met Prince William before the rest became history — she co-founded a drinking club. Sure, it's been a while since those days for Kate, but Elle recently resurfaced the fact first confirmed by The Guardian way back in 2007, when Kate was not a royal, but just a mere mortal chick with impossibly sleek hair and excellent opportunities in the dating pool.

The original report noted that Kate was moved to action when she realized other similar clubs were reserved for men only — so she figured it was about time for all the single ladies to put their hands up (and toss a few back before a royal puts a ring on it and things get very buttoned up).

"At university, Kate continued to grow in confidence," according to The Guardian report, and was "annoyed that the old [clubs] excluded women" before launching her own. Alas, "no one remembers her getting very drunk," which is a shame because that would have been a solid story to tell over a pint or four.

Boozy, fun, and feminist — now that's the kind of girl who deserves a crown.

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