Gordon Ramsay Chose to Eat a Penis Rather Than Spill a Protected Restaurant Secret on TV (VIDEO)

Gordon Ramsay Chose to Eat a Penis Rather Than Spill a Protected Restaurant Secret on TV (VIDEO)

The chef played a cringe-worthy game on live TV with James Corden.

By Tamara Palmer
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The Late Late Show host James Corden has a recurring game called "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" that's meant as the ultimate truth-telling exercise — give up a secret or eat something unimaginably gross. It doesn't always go the way you think it will (or want it to). For example, last year Kim Kardashian chose to drink a sardine smoothie instead of talk about her sisters' pregnancies before they were announced to the public. That's family (and brand) loyalty.

On Wednesday it was Gordon Ramsay's turn to play the game, which was a harsh followup to his last appearance with Corden, when they judged baby toddler food. And he looked like he was going to tell more truths than eat horrible bites at first; he refused to eat salmon ice cream, so he had to rank fellow celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, and Bobby Flay, revealing he's had some drama with the latter.

Compared to that, it was a seemingly easy question that brought him into Fear Factor-style realms: What celebrity is no longer allowed in his restaurants?

Surprisingly, he didn't want to say. He really didn't want to say... to the extent that he took a spicy bite of a bull penis with hot sauce on top rather than answer (although he allowed the fact that the person is an American male).

If you're not squeamish and you want to see Ramsay squirm, watch the clip of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" below.

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